Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Captured The Little Angels...

I really love her sweetness. She is so adorable and I could predict that she can be a promising model if she wants to when she grows up. Antonet is my (buddy)Sheila's daughter. She loves to pose and is impatient if you would not give what she wanted. She's the first tot that I happen to capture hundreds of pictures/portraits. She loves to eat chocolates and she was the first one who undressed my live size sitting Winnie the Pooh stuff toy which was given by my special someone during our 9th year Anniversary. I love Tonet especially her wit and sweetness.

Meet Samuel Anelov... Even if there are hundreds of people in a crowd you'll be able to recognize this lively, enthusiastic, animated and vigorous little man! He is so witty and full of energy. He loves climbing, crawling, jumping and running activities. He remembers any interesting things that happened to him or to his loved ones. He never argues with other kids not unless he will be bullied first, watch out! he will really fight back and defend his self. Sam is a sweet child of Leyda, at night they pray together, talk anything and everything under the sun, study together and cuddle before they got to sleep. I love Sam like my own child. I always missed his strong voice, expressive eyes and crazy foot steps running around the house. I hope when he grows older he would never forget about Me and his Mommy Ninangs as well. I Love You Sam!

This brat is absolutely charming!!! I had so much fun taking pictures of her cause she loves when the camera lights up. Subielle is the pride and joy of Mr. and Mrs. Sunday Manual. Her mom (Gabz) loves her more than anything in the world (no questions cause I have witnessed that!)... No wonder Gabz will going to be a stage mom to Sub hehehe. I felt so excited to take pictures of Sub cause it was my first time to have a photo shoot with a 1yr old baby, where you cannot dictate what she should do. For Gabz, I'm so proud of her for giving her daughter an extraordinary love and care and for making her as the most precious creature in the world like 'every little thing that Sub does is a magic to her'. I love you both =)

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