Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bohol Escapade

Who doesn't want to travel? I would not raise my hands as I love travelling so much!

It was the first travel of our 'barkada'.... Excited and energized! Most of us didn't slept well the night before our flight. At exactly 8:45am we boarded to our plane bound for Cebu. I just can't explain how I felt that time... Excitement filled me in but worries comes next. Unfortunately we will be left by the gang at Bohol because of some circumstances, I am very mindful that my friends would feel bad about that because we planned this together, travel together and go home together but that didn't happened. It does not affected the whole trip since we separated ways just the last day and the reason is valid. Luckily, I realized that I have the most understanding friends ever. Thanks guys!

By 9:50am we were already at Cebu Mactan Airport then we took a taxi that will take us to Pier 4. We waited for like 2 hours at the passenger's waiting area...

inside the Supercat
Gemma's sleeping moment

We did picture taking, cam whoring, yawning, sleeping, talking, sight seeing etc. At exactly 12:50pm we were called to hop in the Supercat bound to Bohol Island! It was a long trip...
passenger's waiting area
After another 2 hours, finally we reached our destination! Dropped our baggages at Casa Juana where we checked in and went directly to Panglao Beach and had a nice dinner at DBR grill.

outside Casa Juana...

The girls slept early while the boys went out having fun. The next day, our friend Mark helped us to find the cheapest van rental for our day tour trip.

group picture at Panglao beach
We've been to Sagbayan Peak, Bohol's Chocolate Hills, Michelle's Dad's place, Longest Phyton Snake, Baclayon Church and that Blood Compact place... hehehe... We had our lunch at Loboc River together with Korean and Chinese tourists. It was a real lunch and we were so starving.

The following day, Feb. 4, 2011, the rest of the gang went back to Cebu, stayed overnight and catch the first flight bound to Davao. As soon as they left we also went to the bus terminal of Tagbilaran and rode a 'warik-warik' bus going to Loon. It was an hour travel I guess, I didn't noticed since Nonoy and I were talking much about the happenings and the new places we've been.

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