Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Highschool Getaway!!!!!!!!

We have been planning this trip for almost 4 months. Finally!!! We did it! Manila we conquered you hahahaha... All of us were so excited to be reunited again after how many years of not having a reunion. Although we were not complete, we still manage to enjoy and talk about our past experience during our highschool days.

Right: Lunch at Burger King... Syempre wala nito sa Davao kaya we tried it hehehe to know which is better Space Burger or King Burger?... I'm a Space Burger fanatic so, I love SB to the max!!!!
Left: Our late dinner together, I forgot the name of the place but it was like Penong's of Davao. We were really starving and most of the restaurants were closed eh ayaw naman nilang kumain ng Jobee at Mcdo hala magPenong's ta ninyo diri nga side. Hehehe

Our Oceanarium experience was not that good because there were so many people inside and the place was so crowded. I presume the sea creatures were disturb because the kids were running, shouting and playing inside the aquarium. BUT when we were about to step outside that big aquarium, OMG! here comes the hurricane! I am not joking, there was really a hurricane and we all got wet.

Below was our 4D Rider experience, it was super fun! fun! fun!

I finally found the right wedding shoes for me! Thank you so much girls for being so patient even though we were so basang-basa sa ulan hahahaha. 

It was my idea to be at the airport by 4:00am. It was already 3:00am and we were still chatting, laughing and reminiscing the past adventures. After our get together at Stabucks (at the back of MOA) we went home at Rosemay's place then at the airport. I was thinking that if we were going to sleep for an hour we couldn't make to be at the airport by 5:00am considering the traffic and OMG my roommates are so 'takaw tulog' and I really don't want to miss the flight, EVER!

The Sleeping Beauties... I hated Elvie for taking this pic hahahaha I thought that I look horrible here, but I realized this pictures were some of the 'captured moments'. I love it! Thanks Elvai for taking this pic. 

By the way, I also posted our 4D Ride video... It was really funny! Aside from the tsunami effect that we experience at Oceanarium, this one is a cha! cha!

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