Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Another Sunday!

Yesterday, I had so much fun!!! I had a short tour around Tagum City. As I stepped out of the bus, I was amazed with Tagum's Gaisano Mall (it's bigger and better architectural design from our G-mall Davao hehehe... renovation! renovation!). 

I went to Tagum Grandmall and visited my friend Margie at Lucky Strike Travel Agency. Luckily, they're one of the sponsors for the open league held at UM Gym hehe Nonoy was there and I opted to wait outside and roam around the city but since Margie has a gate pass for sponsors, I grabbed the opportunity! I met her new partner 'daddy' who was supeeeer nice too. 

From Grandmall to Rotary Park. We chatted, laughed and exchanged each others stories. T'was supposed to be a never ending chika but we have to go to UM gym to give Balingit and Magdadaro's plane ticket (they flew to Manila just this morning). 

From Davao to Rotary Park, Nonoy and I were texting. He was complaining how crowded, smelly and hot inside the gym (pangit naging pwesto nila eh!). So, Margie gave me the pass and let me use it hehehe sa harap pa talaga ha! And the sitting arrangement from right to left... ME - ONE GUY - MAYOR UY - ONE GIRL...  ENGGG? Nonoy then texted me "Nakita na tika bhe, nganung naa mn ka dha hahaha tapad pagyud ni mayor weeeeee"... HAHAAHAHAHA... The game has started but soon it stopped. Nonoy texted me again, there he said that I'll go outside the gym 'cause he was there waiting. 

He decided to stroll the city instead of finishing the game. The funny thing... I asked him why, he answered "delekado imung pwesto dd2 bombahan palang c mayor, duol au disgrasya." then we laughed! Buang-buang... He was so excited to watch that game, Sayang!

We went to Tagum City Hall (again! --it's like that we have to drive around there everytime we(him&I) visit the city). Tuyok-tuyok around the city and all. Ha-hay! It was really tiring because we have to travel for an hour just to be home hehehe. We use that as an extra time for our bonding moment, chikka dri-chikka dd2! 

At the end of the day I realized.... I just had another happy Sunday... Thanks God!