Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Thank You Note

As we took the biggest step in our lives we would like to thank the people who have shared their precious time to witness our marriage vows especially to those who've travelled a long way. To my relatives from Cotabato City, New Bataan, Cebu, Japan and USA and to my husband’s relatives from Mawab, Tagum, Binasbas Laak, London and Canada.

There were so many people to express our gratitude and acknowledge, if I’ve left anyone out in my list that it is because I’m overwhelmed by all your kindness and not because you aren’t appreciated.

My lolo's and lola's from Sasa, Tibungco and New Bataan. Funny, I knew that they were buying gifts for us because we were also at the mall the same day when they went shopping.

My husband's Auncles and Aunt from Binasbas, Comval. They were so supportive and helped in preparing the foods for the reception.

My husband's relatives in Binasbas, Comval

My relatives from Sasa, Dvo. City

My friends, cousins and Aunt.

Our Ninong and Ninang, Nonoy's friends and my high school friends...

Hubby's friends and neighbors

To my friend Lingling and cousin Ate Jassy, Thank You for supporting me through the stress of preparing for the wedding.

To my Aunties and cousins in Japan who scheduled their tour travel in between our wedding date and to my Aunt Misay who took her vacation from the Cruise, she didn't missed my big day! Thank you so much for being so supportive and for your presence. You guys made the circle of our family extra special.

Even if my dad wasn't able to come. From the deepest part of my heart, 'Thank You!' to his brothers and my cousins who witnessed our matrimonial vow in behalf of him. Everytime I glanced at your way, it was like I was watching at my father's corner. Thank you so much!

To my sisters and brothers-in-law, Thank you so much for everything for the kind treatment, warm welcome and accommodation from the time we met until I became a part of the family.

To my mom Thank you so much for taking care of me to and helped me grow to become a stronger person by just watching how strong you were in facing the reality of life. To my mother-in-law, Thank you for being there from the beginning, for the warm welcome to your family, for accepting me whole heartedly and for your financial support to us.

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