Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our 20HRS Out of Town Travel

Family Bonding brings the family closer to each other. Having a tour or an out of town trip is one of many ways in celebrating a family bonding. Good thing my bro-in-law 'Kuya Jun' contributed P4,000 for our gasoline expense and YEAH! We had our out of town travel YAHOOOOO!

It was me and my barkada who planned to go to Surigao del Sur but my family and I was the one who pursued the trip (hehehe). Too bad my Mom wasn't able to join us because it was Sunday and we planned to sleep there and be back home by Monday, she missed the trip but my husband and I will make up with her (secret for now).

May 6, 2012, 2:30AM. My mother-in-law and I woke up and prepared ourselves for the trip, oh yeah! I forgot to mention that the things that we needed to bring were already packed up the day before our travel (hindi halatang excited!), the spoon, forks, plates, glass, knife, stove(butin), sleeping bags, pillows, blankets etc... etc... No foods because we just bought some chichirya and for snacks at Tagum convenience store. My bro and sis-in-law arrived at 3:00AM then we departed by 3:30AM. 

We dropped by at the convenience in Tagum City proper to buy some snacks at 4:20AM then we left the place by 4:35AM. I was sleeping during the travel so I don't know what was our route hehehe I just woke up when the car stopped at the gasoline station of San Frans, 7:30AM, then we left the station and proceeded to Hinatuan proper where we took our breakfast, 8:30AM.

Breakfast at Hinatuan Proper not yet at the Enchated River because we were lost ha!ha!ha!
Finally! We reached our destination by 9:00AM. We would have arrived earlier but we got a lot of stopovers (they said stopovers add value to the trip) hehehe.  At first sight, I was not Amazed =(  but when I took a sight over the water OMG! It was really enchanting... The place is very popular because it was already featured in different magazines, newspapers, tv and radio tourism ads and through the word of mouth.

There were so many people who arrived before us. The cottages were already reserved and we got the cutest hahaha and the hottest side.

payong-payong mode =)

We had our lunch there and ordered foods at the talipapa outside the area it cost only P508, Imagine? It's enough for 7 people and the food was really good.

12:30NN. We transferred to our next destination at 'Tinuy-an Falls'. We arrive there by 1:45PM. OH YES!!!! My eyes got so big, the stairs of falls were so AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! OMG OMG OMG, our trip was so worthy.

My nephew, Meljun took this photo while we were climbing up to reach on top of that falls hehehehe. Really nice experience! At exactly 3:30PM, we drove home (we still have stopovers hehehe). We were already at Tagum City by 8:00PM and had our dinner at Penongs. We're not home yet hehehe. We dropped by at Bishop Reagan's hospital after our dinner to visit my late dad-in-law's brother. I don't know exactly what time we left at the hospital all I know was by 11:30PM it's already 'Home sleep home'. That was an awesome and tiring trip my mom missed that...

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