Saturday, January 14, 2012

Groom and Bride's Moment

A day to remember! Who is feeling what? Believe me when I say that there was a roller coaster of emotions during the wedding day. You don't know if you want to pee, poop or shout or waaaaaaaaaah. Funny thing was when I wore my wedding dress I already started to feel like I want to pee and yeah that was really sick! They did not allowed me to undress my gown because according to our granny's beliefs (hahaha) once the wedding dress is worn it should not be undressed. So, yeah I wasn't able to pee until the end of the entire ceremony (Imagine!?) and what I did was I did not drink any water that day and I only ate chocolate, Crazy but true! The most tiring part was the picture taking (very very tiring!) and you will only appreciate how important it was right after the wedding or when you got the copy of your gorgeous pictures.

My groom, was a camera shy but I was confident that he will be fine since we already had our e-session and the output were awesome! And yeah, I was so surprised that he did it great after all the roller coaster feelings during our big day! Looks like he wasn't nervous at all in his solo pictures hehehe. I really Love this man BIG TIME!!!!

And I too was so excited to pose although I don't know how to smile, emote and hide that double chin (hate it!). Thanks to Sir Kenneth Hao for being so patient with me.

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