Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shower Party To D Max!!!

SHOWER PARTY????? OMG! I felt so lucky that I experienced having a Bridal Shower before the wedding day. My soon to be Family were so cooperative and the girls were so excited, I can't believe how prepared they were.

January 7, 2012. It was really unplanned but it turned a dull night full of fun and unforgettable moment for my friends, cousin and soon to be sisters-in-law. I was hesitant to pursue the party because the time was too tight for us since the wedding is just in 3 days time but the 'Girls' were too excited about it, and I was so ''ÓVERJOYED'' that I could hardly control myself to keep on telling my fiances family a 'BIG THANK YOU' after all.

The Master of Naughtiness... Rainer & Agong
My Naughty Cake!

Our wacky portrait after the Guessing Game. It was all fun! No boring moment. Thank you guys for your cooperation.

Blowing of condoms... Everyone was so serious =) Ate Lala won, she got the nicest form of blown condom hehehehe
Hahahaha I really love this pic! I can feel the fun here. Ate Lala was so girly  while laughing out loud. I miss the fun , Sigh! I won't  forget this party experience guys. 
My cousin, Ate Jassy! She was so supportive with me. She was the one who reminded me of all my things because I am too busy with my wedding preparations plus the wedding jitters that the bride feels before the wedding....
My beautiful soon to be sisters-in-law... Thank you so much sissies for the very warm welcome to the family!

A toast for me... I Love You All!!! Including the camera woman hehehe... 

Hahaha this game was so fun! Agong was so funny shouting like he was F****. I really enjoyed the night!  
The boys arrived from their stag party. We had our midnight snack, 'Yellow Cab' YUMMY!!!!

The night wouldn't be possible without my 2 girlfriends... Thank you so much Rainer and Agong. I will always remember all the hardworks and patience that you showed me.
To my soon to be sisters-in-laws THANK YOU SO MUCH for your surprising gifts last night!!! I was really overwhelmed to the max... I was an only child and have not experienced having sisters in my life but now I got 3 instant sisters he!he!he! I really appreciate all your kindness and support to me/us. May God bind us as tight as a steel knot hihihi and overcome all the ups and downs that we are going to encounter.


Mhai said...

APPLAUSE PAKAPIN CONGRATS GENG ;) (char! as if bagong bago pa ni nahitabo). LOL

Kathrine Joyce said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Better late than never dba? Akoa lang na gi-edit oie ky mali grammars.. dghan ko gipanghide pang edit pa nako geng. Abangan nako ning imung blog. Sayang waka sa shower oie wakay buot!