Monday, June 11, 2012

Number 5... 135 and Counting ^___^

Another month anniversary to us! We used to have quality time celebrating this day when we were younger. Since we are so busy with our work today that makes it different but I still find time to make a simple gift for him. This one is new I never made this for the past 11 years. YEAH! I cooked! Imagine?!?!

I don't know how to call my recipe I saw this on Kris TV the ground pork, the rice... and I don't know the other ingredients so what I did was I opened the fridge and see what ingredients that will complete my recipe. WEIRD!
My ingredients: VERY SIMPLE! fyi, I didn't used the cooking oil only the butter 
Me: Cam whoriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing =)

Almost done =)

Finished!!!! Done! Done! Done!

He was home by lunch and ate them all hehehe... Not bad for beginners huh! I made 4 servings of this... For my mother-in-law, for my hubby, for me and my mom  *___*

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